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 I think version 1 of this monster started with me trying to incorporate the same class times that are sometimes mentioned in the books. That didn't last long, they're completely arbitrary and messed with the available times for classes that weren't mentioned, to the point where things couldn't happen. That file is gone so I can't see the differences between versions 1 and 2.

I'm not sure what was going on with version 3 except that I switched to a two-week block schedule. It kind of looks like I never figured out how to adapt the Charms/Defense/Transfiguration sections to the two-week model.  Oh! That's something. I arranged the courses into groups based on how the sections are divided. (i.e. Charms, Defense, and Transfiguration are solo; Potions, Flying, and Magical Creatures are G/S and H/R; while Herbology is G/H and R/S). I grouped History, Muggle Studies, and Ancient Runes with Herbology, and Arithmancy with Magical Creatures and Potions just to make my life easier.
Divination's just sitting by itself, no times assigned.
Astronomy isn't even on this schedule. NEXT.

Version 4 looks like it was never finished, and a bit like it was based on information out of 3. Display changed from the class based input-the-section type to House/Year based input-the-class. Honestly it's impossible to do this thing without both at the same time, and preferably with two different monitors, because each of these suckers will take up a whole screen. But it looks like this, only longer:
too much data

Move the second week in the House/Year version to below the first, because this chart is far wider than it is tall. Keep the courses broken up by the type of section they take, and start again from scratch. ex. apparently Potions doesn't need to be more than biweekly for OWL students, which could actually free up a lot of time. Comments about third year being the first with free periods and having Friday afternoons off as ickle firsties are clearly contradictory and will therefore be disregarded entirely. Astronomy only happens in the middle of the night; worry about it separately after the main thing is done. 


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