Oct. 22nd, 2012

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Let's go in alphabetical order:
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Harry Potter Wikia-- wand lore, woods, cores, and Pottermore notes
HP Lexicon -- canon wands, birthdays, et
Dates for the Celtic Tree Calendar
The Black Family Tree
Free astrology charts.
Info on astrological signs and qualities from Wikipedia.
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 I already have one for the year that entered in 1971, and it was a finicky pain to make, so I'm going to try not to touch it too much. But the rest of the school needs bullies and Prefects and Quidditch rivals for the kids to interact with, so... let's figure out a better way to make more of them.

Basing everything about the demographics is based on the figures from this essay. It is the most excellent, wonderful thing. It means I work perpetually on census data from 1980, but there are worse things in life. Gonna round out the randomization with birthdays, signs, and wand woods/cores (with Phoenix feathers and uncommon woods taken out) too, then develop a little personality and sort them based on that.

So step one is 40 random birthdays. I'll follow the first one as an example / figuring out what I'm doing.
25 September: Virgo, Vine Moon. There are four kinds of vine to choose from, this kid got Blueberry (spirituality and dream magic.) Talented at Divination, then.
Wand wood is Laurel--ambitious but deeply honorable. The wood is aggressively loyal.
Flipped a coin and got tails--Unicorn hair. 

Now for the demographics. Going to use a list shuffler as each statistic has a limited number of slots, and just shuffle numbers which can correspond to a table of the slots.
Blood status: (roughly 2:2:1 Pure/Half/Mugg if anyone was wondering) This one is a Pureblood.
Stats on Economic background works out to 2 upperclass, 9 bourgeoisie, 19 middle class, 8 working class, and 2 on welfare. This one is middle class.
Urbanity is roughly 15 city dwellers, 18 from towns, and 7 from rural areas. This one is from a city.
Geographically, we expect 3 from Ireland, 4 from Scotland, 2 from Wales, 8 from the North of England, 7 from the Midlands, 9 from the South of England, 5 from London, and 2 from East Anglia. 
In terms of ethnicity, we're expecting mostly English, with 4 Irish (one emigrated), 4 Scots, 2 Welsh, 1 African-English, 1 Chinese, and 1 from elsewhere in Europe.
The true randomization breaks down here; ethnicity and religion rather need to be tied to geography more than the other things. But there's enough to go on! Plus every region has a limited number of slots for cities / rural areas, etc. 
In any case, expecting 18 from the Church of England, 8 Catholics, 7 Agnostic, 3 who wouldn't answer on a survey, one Scottish Presbyterian, 1 Protestant non-Conformist, 1 Muslim, and 1 other. Presumably less of those the farther back the year goes.

Anyway, pulled a few compatible characteristics from the Sagittarius chart: delicate tastes, elegant, likes making friends, cooperative, indecisive, seeks harmony, and has a strong sense of justice and fair play. 

Now to do it 39 more times :D

EDIT: the randomization ended up yielding nine characters I'd be interested in using for the story, and they all have names and hometowns and Houses now. Yay!


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