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Let's go in alphabetical order:
Sirius Black. Since Regulus' middle name is that of their paternal grandfather, I thought the maternal grandfather would make a great middle name for Sirius. --> Pollux. 
Choosing a birthday for Sirius is harder, because I don't want it to be just arbitrary. HRH match up with astrological charts and the Celtic tree calendar, so that's a good place to start. He has to be either a fire sign or an air sign, and eventually I leaned towards air. He's a little more withdrawn than James but is often the reason James starts something. And he's definitely a fixed sign, he's stubborn, reliable, loyal, with a tendency to get stuck in ruts. Ergo, Aquarius. 
The wood for that month is Rowan, which is actually perfect. Associated with pure-heartedness, protection, and difficult to outperform in duels.
So that leaves us with a birthday from Jan 21 - Feb 17, and Lily already has a birthday in late January. Plugged 1-17 into a random number generator and got 8. A quick automatic star chart seems to tally well enough; restless, revolutionary, opinionated.
Dragon Heartstring seems like the core to go with; Sirius has a lot of style and he doesn't pull punches. 
It would be adorable to have his wand be the same length as James's; they were of a height, after all. 11". 

OWL electives? Either he caves to parental pressure as a 13-year-old in regards to courses (Arithmancy) or he really wants to thumb his nose at them (Muggle Studies). Block out more plot and see where he is by then. Leaning towards Muggle Studies because of the motorcycle and the pinups. Plus I want him in Divination with James
NEWTs. Can I just... worry about these later? Defense, Transfiguration, probably Charms, and... whatever... else...

Lily Evans. Birthday is 30 January, also Acquarius. Wand is Willow, unicorn hair, 10 3/4". 
OWL electives. Lily's grounding in Muggle maths makes Arithmancy seem a good fit; especially as her work in Charms and Potions makes it clear she was good with details. And Care of Magical Creatures; I fancy 13-year-old Lily wanted to meet a Unicorn.
NEWTS: definitely Charms and Potions. Defense seems like a good bet too. Dunno about the rest...

Remus Lupin. Birthday is 10 March, Pisces and Ash Moon. "Ash is stubborn," and courageous but never crass or arrogant. I love it. Pisces is a water sign and the personality tends to be shaped by those around them which is certainly true in the case of James and Sirius...
Unicorn hair, because Remus doesn't like flash. 
OWLs electives: Not divination, because I think young Remus might dread knowing what the future holds. He's got enough to deal with living in the present. Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies.
NEWTS. Defense, Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Charms?

Peter Pettigrew. Wand is Chestnut, 9 3/4", dragon heartstring. (Well we certainly know he isn't reliable.) Chestnut isn't one of the Celtic moons, so we're back to the sign game. Definitely Mutable: nervous, indecisive, happy to fill a role; Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius. Going with Virgo (Earthy practicality, tendency to miss the forest for the trees, lacking in passion, seeks friends among upwardly mobile.) Early part of that range is Holly Moon (polarity, protection, prophecy, animals) and latter is Hazel (wisdom, spirit contact, protection). Definitely a Holly, so 23 August to 1 September. Random number generator gives the 30th, so he's going to be the youngest kid in the year. 
EDIT: Just realized that the range for Virgo is Hazel to Vine Moons, not Holly. Vine doesn't fit very well... unless Peter  is Thistle and just failed to live up to his potential (strength, courage, protection). Going with that. New birthday is September 17, which actually makes him one of the older ones.
For classes he'll follow where Sirius and James lead. Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. **Chestnut can be attracted tho those who are good animal trainers, we may have found something that Peter is actually good at.
NEWTs: as if this kid could pass on his own. Defense, Charms, Transfiguration.

James Potter. Birthday is 27 March, Aries--Cardinal Fire, which couldn't be more apt. Mahogany, 11", dragon heartstring--very powerful, but Mahogany isn't listed in the Pottermore wand woods. Eh well. 
I remember Word of Jo somewhere saying that Charlus and Dorea Potter aren't James' parents, despite their having one son. I figure Dorea being 40 when James was born isn't quite "getting on in years" for a wizard, so I'll give Charlus a brother ten years older, Lewis. His wife is Ada (Gudgeon). James can have a cousin, and I'll go back to PS and check out the relatives Harry mentions seeing in the mirror. 
OWL electives:  I love the idea that James hated Divination as much as Harry did, and Care of Magical Creatures with Remus. Not really stretching himself mentally, but he's got Quidditch and that's kind of the point.
NEWT courses: Transfiguration, duh. Defense, Charms... I'll figure it out...

Severus Snape. Birthday is 9 January, Capricorn (Cardinal Earth): serious, wry humor, independent, steady, aloof, shrewd, practical, endurance. Sounds like a match.
Two days of Elder Moon and the rest is Birch. Certainly not Elder, that would imply getting along with Sirius, and Birch isn't a very good match either. Going with Pine for its strength in nonverbal spells without preference for a likeable wizard. Unicorn hair; no flash, but very constant. 10 3/4" inches, in case you forgot it's the same length as Lily's (and I'm pretty sure he isn't quite as tall as James... is he? I'll bet he wasn't as an underfed kid, at any rate.)
OWLs: Arithmancy and Magical Creatures with Lily. Plus that gives James another opportunity to pick on him.
NEWTs: Potions, Charms, Defense. ehh....

Harry Potter Wikia-- wand lore, woods, cores, and Pottermore notes
HP Lexicon -- canon wands, birthdays, et
Dates for the Celtic Tree Calendar
The Black Family Tree
Free astrology charts.
Info on astrological signs and qualities from Wikipedia.


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