Nov. 2nd, 2012 10:12 am
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 Okay, the 1st was an utter shitshow because of work, the entire day was meetings and trains and no sleep. 242 words. But it's okay! If I stick to the plan of 2k/day, I'll still finish early. 

Deal: 500 words = a jolly rancher an air head (they were on sale 2 for 1!), four times a day. Written? Kitten! for positive / slow paced scenes, and Write or Die for negative, scary, and fast-paced scenes. I should bookmark those.
After the a session or two today I'll go to the store and buy more candy.

And a bonus! I posted the very first scene as the synopsis on my NaNo profile, but here I'll put the continuation of it as well.

He ran through the forest, hands scrambling to push away branches and brambles, stumbling over roots and drops he couldn’t remember quickly enough. He didn’t need to look back to know it was coming and getting closer, the sound of its massive, growling breath as it ran, the scraping of its massive claws through the dirt and leaves with every step—

Was that its breath on the back of his neck? He choked back a sob and tried to run, tried not to look back but there it was, his legs were caught and he twisted, trying to get his arms up but his entire shoulder exploded in white-hot pain. The scream was ripped from his throat, but he couldn’t even struggle, his arms and legs wouldn’t move, all he could do was scream and scream…

Other hands, soft hands on his shoulders pulled him away while another voice replaced the snarls. He sucked in a breath, his lungs couldn’t get full enough and he coughed as the cold air hit his raw throat. His legs were bound, but it was a yielding, hot pressure.

His blankets. His father. 

The soft voice resolved into words.

“Remus! Remus, love, it isn’t real, it’s just a dream.”

“Dad,” he said, his voice a broken croak.

“There, there, my boy,” said his father, and pulled him close.

Remus dug into the strong, safe arms and cried until he couldn’t cry any more.

Ugh I have actual work to do. Why, job?


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