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 Freaking Tom Riddle and his freaking curse, I need seven of these. Luckily for me Seventh Sanctum has generators for everything. 

1: Professor Mannix Prewett
"the aged, serene, unjust (noun redacted) from a good family." (Yes, I'm maintaining my spoilers policy. Gotta have some secrets).
The Prewetts are a perfectly decent family by anyone's standards, which is saying something. Mannix is a variant of manach, "little monk."

2. Professor Bernard Baines
"The smart reporter with unexpected depths."
Dumbledore seems to be getting desperate. Baines is Welsh, nicely lacking particular resonances ("son of Einws") with the additional benefit of recalling another Baine with unexpected depths. That's only funny to me, but I don't care. I do what I want. Bernard from Germanic "bear + brave, hardy."

3. Professor Fulton Abney
"The poised, stingy, bullying politician."
This jerk wants 'practical experience' before joining the Department of Magical Education... if there is such a thing. I suppose someone needs to check that the homeschooled witches and wizards are actually getting schooling. Abney from d'Aubigne, dating to Hastings and the Magna Carta; Fulton from Old English "bird-catcher's town." Trying to be obnoxiously English. (Success?)

4. Professor Charlotte Knaggs
"The awkward, pompous smuggler with a dark past."
This one should be fun. One of Dumbledore's charity redemption cases. Charlotte because "Lottie" appeals, and Knaggs is used in Yorkshire.

5. Professor Appius Osborn
"The enduring tomb-robber."
Infamous in his profession but lacking investors for his next venture due to increasing disruptions from the war.  Appius from the Roman praenomen used by the clan Claudia, and by the guy who built the Aqua Appia and the Appian way. Osborn from Old English "god + bear" mixed with Norse cognate.

6. Professor Edna Oliver
I fancy having an ex-Auror who lost his her wand hand/arm to a curse. No points for guessing anything about the reasons for this name. Actually, scratch that. Knowing how roundabout that scheme is and the slim number of people who might read this, Quadruple Bonus Points for figuring it out. (This offer valid until she appears in the story, after that it's just Bonus Points.)

7. Professor Kenneth Seward
"The tireless, unethical exorcist."
This one's going to have a hell of a time at Hogwarts. Cognate from Irish "handsome" or "born by fire"; "descendant of Stuart (protector of victory)". Sounds decently self-righteous :) 

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 Need to work from the very broad conflicts for each MC down to the actual blocking for the arcs (i.e. inciting incidents, turning points, all that). More difficult, resolve the piles of little events into discrete chapters.

Plotting everything in detail in advance is a bit too much, perhaps divide it into stages, plan each one in more detail as the previous one winds up? Doing it as the month goes on feels better. o.O

What are the phases? Early Years, Middle(~2-5), Late (6-7), and then the War. The last one is going to be the most complicated... so let's ignore it for now.

1. Major events: Remus gets bitten, Lily and Severus meet, Remus gets to go to Hogwarts, Sirius is Sorted into Gryffindor, pre-Marauders become friends.

2. Major events: James, Sirius, Peter figure out that Remus is a werewolf, Animagi research, Severus' Slytherin friends get darker, Remus and Lily are prefects, Animagi achieved, runs, Severus develops his theory, Severus and Lily start fighting, Sirius tricks Severus, Snape's Worst Memory

3. Spoilers! Yeah, I'm going to be that obnoxious. I've got the notes I need for that on paper, though.

Doing this in more detail will get a little repetitive, continuing on paper.
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This is hurting my brain so much. I have piles of notes, two scrivener documents, a binder of hardcopy calendars, and Prisoner of Azkaban open in my lap. JKR's references to dates are frustratingly vague.

First problem: When do Remus' friends figure out he's a werewolf?
"My three friends could hardly fail to notice that I disappeared once a month. I made up all sorts of stories. I told them my mother was ill, that I had to go home to see her... I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But of course, they, like you, Hermione, worked out the truth... And they didn't desert me at all. Instead, they did something for me that would make my transformations not only bearable, but the best times of my life. They became Animagi. ... It took them the best part of three years to work out how to do it. ... Finally, in our fifth year, they managed it."
Fifth year is 1975-1976, minus three is 1972-1973, second year. But the HP Lexicon lists it as "late 1971." I'm not used to second-guessing the Lexicon, this is hurting my mind.

You know what? I'm just going to have to respectfully disagree. They list the Marauders' NEWTS as c 1977 [deduced from birth years], which was Spring 1960 for James. That means they started Hogwarts in September 1971 and sat their NEWTs in June 1978. I'll just add a year to HPL's date whenever I need to and move on. 

Actually, that lets me resolve the date of Sirius' tricking Severus. I have no idea why HPL is listing it as September, Remus only described it as "one night" (PA18) and Lily as "the other night" (DH33). But sure, why not. Early in year 6 works out for what I want.

Well, that's one thing taken care of!

EDIT: This isn't taken care of at all! Snape's Worst Memory is June of 1976, end of fifth year, no way to get around it. He and Lily were friends but fighting around the time Sirius tricked him, which I have later in 76, at the beginning of Sixth year. THIS DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. can I move it to late 1975? They'd be fighting for a whole year then. Not tenable. Or early 1976, that would give the Marauders time to become Animagi and for Severus to get suspicious of them. okay. Everything from canon goes down fifth year, then.

I've got some surprises for later, don't worry.
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Let's go in alphabetical order:
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Harry Potter Wikia-- wand lore, woods, cores, and Pottermore notes
HP Lexicon -- canon wands, birthdays, et
Dates for the Celtic Tree Calendar
The Black Family Tree
Free astrology charts.
Info on astrological signs and qualities from Wikipedia.


Oct. 19th, 2012 12:30 pm
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 I probably wouldn't be concerned with this at all if it weren't for Snape's Worst Memory... and then thinking about what else I can do with exam weeks.

OWL / NEWT levels for each subject, even if it's extremely unlikely that anyone is taking that NEWT. It could happen.
Written/Theoretical exams: History, Charms, Defense, Transfiguration, Herbology, Potions, Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes
(9 at 2 levels each = 18)

Practical Exams: Charms, Defense, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Magical Creatures, Divination
(7 at 2 levels with 4 sections each = 56) wait, what? -- Nvm, it's okay, exams can happen in like eight classrooms at once. We got this.

Written exams can be sat by an entire year at once. Practicals by individual classes.
Honestly this was easier than I expected after all that.

Tons of white space. Good, good!

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Okay, new approach to this one: two-week block scheduling, as carefully organized as possible but switched around each week to look random if only one part can be seen. 
For example, classes are divided G/H and R/S in Herbology (with History, Muggle Studies, and Ancient Runes) and G/S, H/R for Potions, Flying, Care of Magical Creatures (and Arithmancy). Grouping Herb/Hist/Crtr/Arith and Mugg/Rune/Potn/Fly and switching the class orders for each pair of classes, then the block locations for each quad, yields the densest packing I've found.

I am aware that that makes absolutely no sense. Have a picture:

a messy chart

That may make even less sense. Have fun.

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 I think version 1 of this monster started with me trying to incorporate the same class times that are sometimes mentioned in the books. That didn't last long, they're completely arbitrary and messed with the available times for classes that weren't mentioned, to the point where things couldn't happen. That file is gone so I can't see the differences between versions 1 and 2.

I'm not sure what was going on with version 3 except that I switched to a two-week block schedule. It kind of looks like I never figured out how to adapt the Charms/Defense/Transfiguration sections to the two-week model.  Oh! That's something. I arranged the courses into groups based on how the sections are divided. (i.e. Charms, Defense, and Transfiguration are solo; Potions, Flying, and Magical Creatures are G/S and H/R; while Herbology is G/H and R/S). I grouped History, Muggle Studies, and Ancient Runes with Herbology, and Arithmancy with Magical Creatures and Potions just to make my life easier.
Divination's just sitting by itself, no times assigned.
Astronomy isn't even on this schedule. NEXT.

Version 4 looks like it was never finished, and a bit like it was based on information out of 3. Display changed from the class based input-the-section type to House/Year based input-the-class. Honestly it's impossible to do this thing without both at the same time, and preferably with two different monitors, because each of these suckers will take up a whole screen. But it looks like this, only longer:
too much data

Move the second week in the House/Year version to below the first, because this chart is far wider than it is tall. Keep the courses broken up by the type of section they take, and start again from scratch. ex. apparently Potions doesn't need to be more than biweekly for OWL students, which could actually free up a lot of time. Comments about third year being the first with free periods and having Friday afternoons off as ickle firsties are clearly contradictory and will therefore be disregarded entirely. Astronomy only happens in the middle of the night; worry about it separately after the main thing is done. 
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Honestly I can't imagine anyone caring enough to actually read this, so I'm just going to write it for myself, because this thing is getting so big that my notes need notes.

It's for my fic (put a link later), which I've put a lot of background work into. Things that need to be done, and link to the post about them when they are:
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Oh yeah, if you haven't finished the Harry Potter books, don't even be here. Spoilers everywhere, I'm not going to mark them.


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